Asha Dham Ashram, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Our Projects

Ashadham Ashram works on 100% public and individual donations. Though Udaipur District Government provides an aid that is a great support and give life to Ashadham Ashram.

Ongoing Projects

A home for Sick and Destitute

Ashadham Ashram is in process of construction of home- a 100 bedded home for sick and destitute at Havala, Udaipur. 10.5 begha of land has already acquired by the govt support of Udaipur. Construction has started and in full swing.

Ashadham Ashram is expanding the facilities to the existing residents like separate building for males & intensive care patience. At present all the residents stay on the same premises although the rooms are segregated for men and women, the mentally challenged and those suffering from AIDS.

by day the number of helpless, distressed people is increasing at Ashadham Ashram and male residents have to sleep in galleries as all rooms and dormitories are occupied by residents

  • A block specifically designed for physically and mentally challenged residents
  • An isolated area to take care of patients exhibiting more aggressive behaviour
  • A room reserved for our older residents
  • A room for children
  • A medicine dispensary
  • A lunch/dinner room
  • An area reserved for indoor activities
  • And a staff member block, including rooms for doctors and nurses

Previous Achievements Thanks to Local and International Donations