Asha Dham Ashram, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


At the Ashram, we provide shelter, food, love and fellowship. Youth are engaged in recreation activities, while healthy active adults help with daily chores at the ashram and help to look after other sick or aged residents.
We all live together as one big family - coming together for prayer in the Morning, evenings, Physical exercise and cultural activities.


While its a blessing to have our residents staying at the ashram, we try hard to find their families and get them reunited with their loved ones. We use whatever information the resident remembers about the home address and phone numbers to contact their relatives and inform them about our resident. At times, we personally visit to their towns/villages searching for their relatives. If successful in our attempts, what follows is a joyous reunification of the resident with his/her family.
Unfortunately, if residents who are brought in with critical ailments would not be cured and pass away they are well taken care of till their very last breath, and are given a respectable funeral in collaboration Govt .
This process of restoration is at the core goal of Ashadham Ashram– “ to rescue and reunite the helpless and the homeless, and to give them another shot at life”!