HOLY BIBLE – I will make you well again, I will heal your wounds… I have always loved you and continue to show you my constant love.

Our Ashadham

History Of Asha Dham

“God has Wonderful plans for each one of us and without his mercy, care and help nothing can be accomplished”.

About Ashadham

Ashadham Ashram is the Rescue and Rehabilitation center for distressed destitute in the periphery of Udaipur (India).

Mission & Vision

The mission is the healthy and sustainable society where sick and destitute people can lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.

Governance & Core Team

A dedicated team of a Caretaker and Social Workers look after the daily needs of the inmates providing nursing care, nourishment, housekeeping, clothing.

Medical Care

Most people are terribly sick while they are brought in. Some of them are HIV+, some others suffer from ailments like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Anaemia, etc.

Life At Ashadham

We all live together as one big family – coming together for prayer in the Morning, evenings, Physical exercise and cultural activities.

A least giving to Ashadham Ashram will serve poor and needy people in high spirits

Ashadham Ashram

Asha Dham Ashram was founded in 1997 with an objective of Rescue, Rehabilitation and reunite distressed destitute, Person with disabilities and old age people in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Currently Ashadham Ashram providing a shelter to 275 distressed destitute, PWDs and old age people by collaborating with Government, industrialist, social organizations and hospitals.