About Asha Dham

Ashadham Ashram is the Rescue and Rehabilitation center for distressed destitute in the periphery of Udaipur (India). 

Since 1997, more than 1000+ people have been welcomed here regardless of their ethnic background, gender, age and severity of ailments. Ashadham Ashram offers them a home of hope and holistic care for their ailments.

Ashadham is an another shot at life for destitute! Ashadham rescues the destitute like young & old, men & women, the sick, lost and forsaken, and provides them safe and secure shelter , food, clothing, health-care. Ashadham strive to trace their families back home, and reunite the lost.
Amazingly the life of these people changes completely in Ashadham as they get regular health care, love and family atmosphere. Dedicated Reverent Sisters fill hope, joy and peace in their life and regular medication makes them fit and fine.

Presently in our shelter home we have , 275 underprivileged people mainly HIV & TB patients, mentally challenged, handicapped, visually impaired, old aged and fully orphaned, leading a meaningful life.

Most of them are vagabonds and missing from home for long periods. We look forward to reunite 275 people back to their long awaiting dear families to all over India.
Above and all in collaboration with Government Morchery ASHADHAM ASHRAM is proud to provide a peaceful, Condolence with dignity to dear ones among the destitute who came from the streets of Udaipur City. These people were injured by fatal diseases.