Governance & Core Team

A dedicated team of a Caretaker and Social Workers look after the daily needs of the inmates providing nursing care, nourishment, housekeeping, clothing, etc. There are two separate dormitories for men and women. Comatose patients are kept separately requiring individual care and attention. Hygiene and sanitation is a high priority.

A community kitchen takes care of their daily food requirements. A weekly menu has been carefully charted to provide adequate and healthy nourishment. Wheelchairs and Walkers have been provided to the handicapped. A Recreation Room takes care of their recreational and devotional needs.

Core Team
Bishop Dr Joseph Pathalil S/o Sri SakariyaBishop house,I Alipura UdaipurPatron
Sister Divya D/o Sri JosephChrist Raj Ashram, Madar,AjmerPresident
Sister Ranjita D/o SriVarkeySt Teresa Vidhya Deep, Savina Khera UdaipurVice President
Sister Damian D/o Sri MatthewAsha Dham ashram B Block Sajjan Nagar UdaipurSecretary
Sister Ignas D/o Sri ThomasAsha Dham ashram B Block Sajjan Nagar UdaipurJoint Secretary
Sister Cleophas D/o Sri Joseph KVSt Teresa Vidhya Deep, Savina Khera UdaipurTreasurer
Sister Bernadette D/o Sri PhilipSt Teresa Vidhya Deep, Savina Khera Udaipurjoint Treasurer